Tips for Conducting a (web) Site Visit

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When conducting KYC for higher risk client types, it is not uncommon for a bank’s AML policy to require an in-person meeting or on-site visit. While not every client will require this level of due diligence, visiting a company’s website is a common task that takes place at several stages in the AML process from… Read more »

Six Free PowerPoint Templates for AML Investigations

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AML investigations can often be complicated, and there are a whole host of advanced software tools available to help AML investigators visualize transactions and relationships. While these products can be beneficial, there is a tool that virtually all AML investigators have access to everyday that can greatly aid in detailing complex relationships, PowerPoint. Attached are… Read more »

White Paper: Know Your Customer Screening for Negative News, There is Now a Better Way!

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Knowing Your Customer (KYC) is, “the cornerstone of a strong BSA/AML compliance program.” The purpose of KYC is to identify customers, counterparties, beneficial owners and others doing business with a financial institution who pose greater money laundering, financial crime, or terrorist financing risk. Identifying what is known as “negative news” is an essential way to… Read more »