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AML investigations can often be complicated, and there are a whole host of advanced software tools available to help AML investigators visualize transactions and relationships.

Structuring Example

While these products can be beneficial, there is a tool that virtually all AML investigators have access to everyday that can greatly aid in detailing complex relationships, PowerPoint.

Attached are six free PowerPoint templates that the TransparINT team has developed for common AML investigation scenarios.  The templates can be used as part of AML presentations or as visualization tools to help map out complex relationships.

The attached file includes six slides containing the following:

  • Structuring Example
  • Rapid Movement of Funds Example
  • Funnel Account Example
  • Wire Activity Example
  • Transaction Flow Example
  • Ownership Structure Example

Feel free to use these templates in whole or as building blocks to fit your specific need.  Also included on the final slide are notes on some of the tools used to put these templates together.

Click here to download the AML presentation templates

Ownership Chart Example

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