AML Link Analysis Charts

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In a previous post, we provided six free PowerPoint templates to help with AML presentations and visualizations.  While PowerPoint can be a very useful visualization tool, it falls short when there is a need to find relationships in larger data sets.  Luckily, there is an open source JavaScript library, D3.js, created specifically for producing data-driven dynamic… Read more »

How “Risk Intelligence” Databases Work (…and Don’t Work)

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Risk Intelligence databases, used by thousands of financial institutions as part of AML, fraud investigation and anti-corruption compliance programs, are believed to be the best way to identify public negative news or adverse media information. Unfortunately, that is not true. What are “risk intelligence” databases and how are they constructed? Risk intelligence databases gather negative… Read more »

60 Minutes Piece on Money Laundering

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If you didn’t get a chance to watch it last night, 60 Minutes in connection with Global Witness aired an excellent segment titled “Anonymous, Inc“.  The exposé focuses on the ease of laundering money through shell corporations and proposed beneficial owner rules. Definitely recommended viewing for anyone whose job involves any aspect of AML or… Read more »