Slides for “How AI, Automation, and Regtech are Impacting Compliance Careers” Webinar

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Recently, I had the opportunity to give a presentation for the Association of Certified Financial Crime Specialists (ACFCS) on how I thought AI, automation, and RegTech would impact compliance careers now and in the future. In case you weren’t able to make it,  below are the slides for the presentation. Enjoy!

Money Laundering in Pop Culture

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…Yep, you read that right! Money laundering is an important part of many Hollywood story lines. Whether it be through an original Netflix series, prime time television shows, or on the movie screen, there’s now a plethora of financial crime-related media to watch. What does this mean? Financial crime compliance and money laundering awareness is… Read more »

AML Link Analysis Charts

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In a previous post, we provided six free PowerPoint templates to help with AML presentations and visualizations.  While PowerPoint can be a very useful visualization tool, it falls short when there is a need to find relationships in larger data sets.  Luckily, there is an open source JavaScript library, D3.js, created specifically for producing data-driven dynamic… Read more »

60 Minutes Piece on Money Laundering

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If you didn’t get a chance to watch it last night, 60 Minutes in connection with Global Witness aired an excellent segment titled “Anonymous, Inc“.  The exposé focuses on the ease of laundering money through shell corporations and proposed beneficial owner rules. Definitely recommended viewing for anyone whose job involves any aspect of AML or… Read more »

Six Free PowerPoint Templates for AML Investigations

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AML investigations can often be complicated, and there are a whole host of advanced software tools available to help AML investigators visualize transactions and relationships. While these products can be beneficial, there is a tool that virtually all AML investigators have access to everyday that can greatly aid in detailing complex relationships, PowerPoint. Attached are… Read more »

Shell Company Presentation

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Recently the TransparINT team had the opportunity to give a presentation to AML groups at Standard Chartered Bank on the heightened risks involving shell companies. To highlight this complex topic, we used a case study involving well know nominee director Erik Vanagels to provide a real-world example on how to investigate these high risk entities. … Read more »