The Best Tools for Finding Negative News.

Automated real-time monitoring and search tools for negative news, watchlist, sanction, and politically exposed persons data. Protects your institution from reputational, AML, and financial crime risks.

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Every day there are more than 40,000 new risk records produced from public and government sources including:

  • News Reports
  • Sanctions
  • Watchlists
  • Most Wanted Lists
  • Politically Exposed Persons
  • Corporate Records
  • High Risk Sources



TransparINT searches more information than any financial crime risk database to find what is relevant.

  • Real-time monitoring and search tools for negative news, watchlists, sanctions, and PEPs.
  • Uses machine learning to search more information and to find more relevant results.
  • Advanced automation simplifies searching and slashes file documentation time.

Making decisions without finding all adverse information harms compliance and puts people and companies at risk. TransparINT changes that.


Data mined from over
5 million

Risk records on over
43 million
entities & individuals

Global data from over
120 different

Client Case Studies

Facing tight deadlines and high regulator expectations, a large financial institution leveraged the TransparINT Batch Search Solution on a project to screen a list of over a thousand high risk counterparties for adverse media.

Completed in less than two business days, the search identified several parties with significant instances of negative media, including prior money laundering convictions, and connections to terrorist financing. The search also identified two separate entities located on domestic and international sanction lists.

By leveraging TransparINT's technology and industry expertise, the bank saved significant time, risk and resources as completing this project through traditional means would have taken several weeks.

Tasked with conducting thousands of searches for a large project, a big four consulting firm leveraged TransparINT's point of use platform to search and document their results.

Based on TransparINT's ability to aggregate and process numerous disparate sources, a small group of consultants were able to quickly generate in-depth reports for each search subject. The project, which was estimated at 10 days, was completed in less than 2.

TransparINT not only provided the most comprehensive results, but was also more efficient than traditional processes. The platform's enhanced reporting and audit features are exclusive to TransparINT.

The Enhanced Due Diligence group for a large bank needed a way to not only conduct negative news searches, but also to ensure the entire team used a standardized process.

TransparINT enabled each team member to quickly access the most comprehensive list of media, news and watch lists results. All results were processed through the tool's proprietary algorithms to ensure strict compliance standards.

In less than two months, TransparINT uncovered over a dozen relevant results that were not found in any conventional databases. These results were actionable and impacted on-boarding decisions.

An investigator from a large international financial institution needed to find information about wire transfer originators and beneficiaries who were not customers of his bank.

He knew that the risk intelligence database his bank used often missed negative news information. Internet search engines often found information the risk intelligence database missed, but the search engines returned too many general results which took too much time to page through.

Using TransparINT, the investigator was able to find the relevant adverse media missed by the database, and because TransparINT also includes results from all major search engines and prioritizes those most relevant to AML, the investigator was able to finish cases faster, and with a greater sense of confidence that all available information was found.

A due diligence analyst for a bank that provides Alternative Investment Services needed to know if the beneficial owners of a hedge fund presented AML or financial crime risk.

Without any identifying information about the owners, such as addresses or age, the analyst was unable to rely on a risk information databases. A general search of the internet returned hundreds of results, none of which seem related specifically to the beneficial owners, although without reading each result, the analyst could not be sure.

TransparINT, because it is programmed to look specifically for AML and financial crime related risk, was able to identify four adverse media reports in which the beneficial owner was the subject of a regulatory investigation.

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