About Us

TransparINT was created to actually solve real day-to-day operational AML compliance problems.

Used daily by thousands of AML and Financial Crime professionals, TransparINT provides tools for delivering the largest real-time source of negative news and risk information.

TransparINT was created by financial crime compliance professionals with decades of hands-on experience. The platform evolved out of necessity, and in real world conditions. TransparINT is committed to providing solutions that protect your organization from unwanted risk.

TransparINT Team

Keith Graham
Chief Executive Officer

Keith has spent the past 14 years working in and founding technology startups.

Christian Focacci
Chief Information Officer

Veteran in the anti-money laundering industry, and has worked in the trenches for several of the world's largest financial institutions.

David Caruso
Chief Client Officer

Built anti-money laundering, sanctions, and financial crimes compliance programs for 20 years.

Chris Curvey
Lead Developer

System architect and lead developer. Solving IT problems for 25 years.

Beth Gidez
Director of Operations & General Counsel

Former AML investigator and policy writer. Lawyer.

Neel Patel

Computer science grad specializing in Software Engineering and Data Science.

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