TransparINT Monitor

TransparINT Monitor is a fully automated Negative News monitoring application that continually searches individual and business names in real-time to identify new AML and reputational risks.

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How it Works

TransparINT Monitor uses Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing to filter vast quantities of unstructured data from millions of sources to efficiently identify financial crime and reputational risk. TransparINT scores the relevance of each record. This approach provides vastly more negative news coverage, while limiting irrelevant results.

Once alert matches are identified, the system provides a fully integrated alert assignment and management dashboard that allows users to resolve alerts with complete audit tracking running in the background. A manager analytics dashboard provides insight into department work capacity, productivity, and alert trends.

Better Outcomes

  • Actual Real-Time monitoring. Be alerted as new negative news is published.
  • Search more sources than any other negative news application.
  • Simple to use and under your control. Easy batch file upload.
  • Investigate and resolve alerts directly in case management dashboard.
  • Complete control over alert assignments, escalations, and dispositions.
  • Full audit, analytics, and manager reporting capabilities.

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