The Platform

TransparINT provides simple to use web-based applications that give access to the industry's largest amount of real-time negative news and adverse media data.

TransparINT Actually Solves Compliance Problems

TransparINT solves the problems AML and Financial Crime analysts face daily when they use traditional negative news tools.

Missing information: Traditional negative news products look at only a small fraction of publicly available information. This means institutions miss crucial information that should be influencing risk management decisions about customers, counterparties, and beneficial owners.

Flood of Irrelevant Information: Combing through page after page of results from negative news providers and commercial search engines wastes time, increases costs and degrades compliance.

Uncertainty: Every AML and Financial Crime professionals knows the feeling; "How do I really know there isn't something important I missed?"

Inconsistency: AML or Financial Crime analysts do not use the same search methods and techniques for every search. Inconsistency is the foundation of non-compliance.

TransparINT solves each of these problems...and more.

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Comparison of Existing Solutions

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Our Technology

TransparINT leverages the latest technologies to aggregate and identify negative information, including:

  • Machine Learning
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Predictive Analysis
  • Data Mining

Our patent pending methods allow us to scour more publically available information than any other AML or Financial Crimes application.

TransparINT Process

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